Stainless is most commonly found in industrial applications, the most common types are 304, 316, and 400 series stainless steels。 304 includes: sheets, piping, tubing, turnings, and even the kitchen sink!。 The approximate chemistry of 304 is 17% chrome, 8% nickel, and 75% iron。 316 included: sheets, piping, turnings and tubing。 This alloy is most commonly used in high heat and petrochemical applications。 The approximate chemistry of 316 is 16% chrome, 10% nickel, 2% molybdenum, 72% iron。 400 includes: sheet, tubing, and turnings。 This material is most commonly used in enviroments that are not in high heat or corrosive enviroments。 A common application of 400 series stainless is in appliances and automotive applications。

环球直播There are many other types and grades of stainless steels that we purchase as well. We also purchase all types of alloys in solids or turnings form as well which include, but not limited to: Inconels, Incoloys, Hastalloys, Waspalloy, Monels, Tool Steels, Tungsten Carbide, and Mallorys. The value of these items differs tremendously based on the alloy, if the alloy is segregated or mixed, and the quantity.

SA Recycling supplies consumers of copper in both domestic and international markets。 Our knowledge of global markets ensures that your material will be recycled responsibly and enables us to offer the highest market price for your material。

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Valves, Ships, Submarines, Acidic-Environments, Cutlery, Laboratories, Hospitals, Kitchens

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