环球直播Steel and iron are some of the most recycled metal commodities in the world with more than 94 million tons a year recycled. Scrap steel is recovered from automobiles, buildings and structures, railroad tracks, bridges, stadiums, ships, farm equipment and infinitely recycled to make these items again.

环球直播The most common way that SA Recycling purchases steel is as #1 HMS or #1 Heavy Melting Steel. The specificaiton for #1 HMS is for pieces that are cut to under 4’ by 2’ and are more than ¼” thick. If the item is larger than this specification the steel is purchased as Unprepared. This is usually for items like machinery, long pipe, beams and equipment that needs to be cut in order to be prepared to send it to steel mill to be re-melted.

Cars that have reached their End of Life can be scrapped and melted as part of the recycling cycle. Other items such as washing machine, refrigerators and hundreds of other items can also be re-melted and made back into useful items.

SA Recycling has access to both domestic and international steel markets which ensure your material will be recycled responsibly and enables us to offer the highest market price for your items.

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buildings and structures, cars, railroad tracks, and equipment.

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